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Polly at Sea
Polly sailing on the Firth of Clyde

Polly enjoyed summers as a child dinghy sailing near Narbonne in the South of France. As she grew up she wanted more challenging sailing, so her father bought a catamaran. This catamaran has now been lent to the local sailing club, restored and named 'Le Polly'. Here is a photo of 'Le Polly' being launched for the first time in August 2010. Polly is lying in a hospital bed, but, at least 'Le Polly' will be speeding across the lake in the South of France most weekends of the summer.

ReefAstrid.jpg (84560 bytes)
The 'Tall ship' Polly crewed on one winter,
taking 21 young trainees across the Atlantic
and one of the cartoons of their exploits which she drew in her diary

LePolly22ndAug.jpg (40598 bytes)

The Astrid


Holding out the jenny

Close-hauled on the Bosun in Bages

Young Polly in scarf sailing in front of Bages
Dinghy sailing as a child in Bages
PoHatSailSam.jpg (23380 bytes)

Sailing with Uwe & Celia
Sailing with Uwe and Celia

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Polly April 1976
Sailing between Greek islands
April 1976
PeepRoundSail.jpg (32876 bytes)

Young Polly In Harbour

Lunch in the cabin. Corsica 1981
Lunch in the cabin. Corsica 1981
Polly tugging on the tiller

Polly at the tiller

ThatsMe2.gif (8043 bytes)
click here to see
polly pulling boats

Permission to come aboard
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