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Polly Gardening
Sketches of herself working in her beloved garden

Batik Unicorn
Polly made me this lovely batik unicorn may be 20 years ago as a birthday present. It has been displayed in all my homes ever since.   Celia Kitzinger

Batik Golden Unicorn Batik Giraffes
Serengeti Giraffes


Batik Came

EveBatikS.jpg (33655 bytes)
Adam and Eve

PaintingEgg.jpg (59270 bytes)
Young Polly painting an Easter egg

Chineese Dragon Batik
Polly's batik of a Chinese dragon

Tigers Batik
Tiger tiger burning bright

Tree of Life Mural
The Tree of Life mural painted by Polly and her mother

Zebras.jpg (68460 bytes)
Polly's batik of Zebras she saw in the Serengeti National Park

Polly walkingPolly Mowing

Polly's Seedlings

Polly Painting Flowers in Brighton
Polly painting flowers in Brighton

Girl drawing


Polly's Cartoons

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