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Polly in tree
This photo of Polly was taken
at a lovely family gathering
on Sunday 29th March 2009


Polly Kitzinger was badly injured in a car crash on 30th March 2009.
She has been left with severe brain injury.
After a year and a half in hospital she was moved to a neurological care centre, then on to a nursing home.
These pages celebrate the Polly we knew for 48 years -

Polly's free spirit cartoon

her zest for life

   her adventures



            values and politics.

Polly is no longer in a vegetative/minimally conscious state but remains very severely brain injured.

Polly's sisters have been researching this area and have developed an on-line information and support resource for families with severely brain injured relatives.

Visit t​​he site to learn more at:

 family experiences of vegetative and minimally conscious states

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