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Polly 29 March 2009
Polly, convivial in March

The five Kitzinger sisters 29 March 2009
Sisters together, 29th March 2009

Standlake Garden

Polly & Sheila in Brittany

Frilly Blouse

Polly April 1976

Polly&Uwe1970.jpg (65710 bytes)
Dandelions 1970

Polly and Celia
Polly and Celia

Pile-of-sisters-r.jpg (78761 bytes)
A pile of sisters in the late 1960s.
Polly is on the bottom in the middle

Polly in her father's arms 1967
In her father's arms1967

5 sisters in orange skirts
Five sisters in the garden

Polly on  "Ann of Cleeves" 1986
Polly on "Anne of Cleves" 1986


Polly at Ditchling Beacon
Polly at Ditchling Beacon

PoSun&Etang.jpg (56102 bytes)
Bages 1998

Polly reclining in the garden
Polly in the walled garden

Polly on the car bonnet
Polly on Grampa's car

Flowers for her father 2004
Arriving onboard with wild flowers 2004

Beer In The Sea
A good place to enjoy a beer

Polly at the Acropolis 1976
At the Acropolis 1976

PoAndSam.jpg (49307 bytes)
Polly with nephew  Sam 1990

Polly and family

Polly & Liz 29 Mar 2009
Polly & partner Lizzie, 29th March 2009

Eating melon In Bages
On holiday in the South of France

Polly & sister Nell March 2009
Polly and sister Nell, 29th March 2009

DancingOnForedeck.jpg (54673 bytes)
Dancing on the foredeck with Lizzie 2004

Polly & Liz Madrid
Polly and Lizzie in Madrid 2001

Llanth Priory With Uwe
Llanth Priory with Uwe

Polly's home The Dovecote
Polly with her parents

Polly & Sheila at Peyriac
Polly and Sheila on holiday


Jamacia.jpg (45127 bytes)
With friends in Jamaica

Polly and Jenny and Kid
Polly, Jenny and their kid
Polly and Jenny with rabbit
Polly, Jenny and their rabbit
Baby Polly 1981

Baby Polly

Polly & Salami
With our donkey Salami

Bages 1971

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