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"In Bages Polly was fabulous with the kids they have good memories. Times like these focus the mind and remind us of what is most important and for me your photos highlight her sunny and joyful nature."

We met Polly ... in Franconia in company of her father Uwe... She was so full of enthusiasm and joy about the history and of course to be accompanied by her father in his native country.

"I can remember her simple beauty, her body in the water or at work around the boat, her glorious smile and  her enthusiasm, her laugh."

Polly in Swimsuit

"Like Becky, my memories are to do with boats - going out in the bosun in Bages, and her being so calm and gentle giving us instructions as to which rope to get ready to pull when she gave the orders."

WhatsTheAnchor.gif (32948 bytes)
The crew dropped the chain
but not the anchor!
Polly's cartoon in the log book


'I can only picture her as the life of the party, full of energy, always trying to please, bouncing around with the occasionally disappointed expressive scowl when people didn't rise to her level of enthusiasm.'

Swimming1988"On the Anne of Cleves sailing through the beautiful Dalmatian islands with a bunch of friends from Oxford, late 80s.  Scudding between islands in glorious sunshine, anchoring off remote beaches and swimming in the nude, the boat our means of transport, our private beach and our bed for the night.  And presiding over it all, Polly, our Amazon-like skipper, teaching us how to sail.
A particularly strong image from that trip is of Polly, shortly after talking to us about man overboard procedure, simply jumping off the boat without warning – in deep water, going at full tilt!  It was a very effective exercise, but what a fright she gave us novices!  (PS There was another experienced sailor on board and it was a planned drill!)

Swollows And Amazons

"A birthday card to me shortly after we met, showing us sailing in my Mirror dinghy "Arthur" to Peel Island on Coniston, with a following wind. Had picnic, dropped a rowlock overboard & got a 6 mile tow back from a man with a yacht who picked us up because we reminded him of Swallows & Amazons…."

"I always think of her as that strong captain of a brilliant life. I have been looking at her photographs on Mustang with the Solent breeze blowing her hair across her face. Polly is smiling with a great joy at being there at sunset having supreme fun. We had shared such real adventures.
I have abiding memories of long walks with Polly munching apples and enjoying rambling conversations about everything but particularly about the moment of 'now'.

Anne Of Cleves

We were all pretty broke and very keen to get our bond back.  One problem – the lawn and no means to mow it and get it looking good.  I can’t remember now who came up with the BRILLIANT idea of marking the lawn out into squares, holding an afternoon party and setting up a competition amongst our lovely friends to see who could do the best job of trimming their square with a pair of scissors!  Looking now at the photos of Polly’s garden and the love and creativity she has invested in her homes I wonder!  I guess it was a reflection of the connections and love between this group of women that we did get it done.

polly dingy sailingP at Peyriac


"It is at times like these when you recall the fantastic memories you have shared; like sailing and accidently catching a fish in the the boat and us all running away from a bar after ordering nine cokes when we realised we had no money! These memories, over 30 years old but still so fresh."

In The Bull Ring
Written by Jenny when they were on Summer holiday when she was eight

Climbing Glaciers Polly and Liz
Polly on water again -
on a New Zealand glacier

Stromboli Volcano
Polly's drawing in the boat's log book:
recording sailing through the Aeolian islands, off Sicily

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