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World Mental Health Day in Rhondda Cynon Taf (October 2009).

Polly’s family were very moved by the decision to use this day  to celebrate Polly’s work with users of mental health services. The ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ - where participants designed and created a range of witty hats - reflected Polly’s penchant for imaginative headgear (evident in Photographs of Polly wearing her own style of headgear).

It was lovely to meet so many of the people with whom Polly worked, and hear how the initiatives with which she was involved continue to go from strength to strength.    Thank you.

Tyler's Hat
Tyler's  design

"We think of ourselves as Polly's Paratroopers (often we together with Polly found ourselves in situations where Service User Involvement was questioned) but with Polly in our corner we knew that if there was a fight to take, then Polly would take it.
She would often comment as we travelled to meetings and conferences about the times that she would have to invite herself to a closed meeting, her intention obvious, to support Service Users.
Now what Polly has taught us has rubbed off on us, because now we use our voices in many situations, I confess that sometimes I imagine Polly still sat next to me giving me the confidence and support, and writing down everything being said. ..lol
Polly is an original, a one off that can't be duplicated, we all owe such a great debt to her courage and conviction."


Mad Hatters
Kath & Glyn

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