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Polly's relationship with hats

Dressed as Robin Hood
Going to a medieval wedding 2008
May Morning Striding
May morning in her fresh flower bedecked hat
Coming down the mountain
Coming down the mountain
Polly in a straw hat1994
At Tess's Wedding
February 1980
Polly by a fusia
Polly with a fuchsia
Blue hat
Ancona 1998

TamO'shanter.jpg (93575 bytes)
Young Polly in a tam o'shanter with her pet goat

Hat Picture
Sheila's painting of
Polly in a hat

Up Penyfan 1986
Up Pen-y-Fan 1986
ClimbingGlaciers.jpg (52727 bytes)
Climbing Glaciers 2001
Po&J_Bages98.jpg (54837 bytes)
Polly and Jenny in Bages 1998
Hat on Boat

Polly & Jenny an a Welsh hill Nov 2007
Polly and sister Jenny on a Welsh hill Nov 2007

Polly&LauraOnHill.jpg (119326 bytes)
Polly and niece on a Welsh hill

Walking in HillIs behind Bages
Walking in the hills, Bages 1998
Mushrom hunting
mushrooms drawing
Polly's sketch of mushrooms among leaves

"My strongest image of Polly at that time was on the day that we arrived - she immediately donned her summer hat and sat crossed legged on the floor eating lunch in the sunshine." Christine

At Laura's b irthday party Oxford 1986
Laura's birthday party in Oxford 1986
WhiteHatLaura.jpg (56466 bytes)
In Bages with her neice Laura

In Larchant, France1979

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